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Terminology can be very confusing whenever one tries to understand a new discipline.  In holistic health and healing, words like detoxification, tonification, regeneration, and rejuvenation have very specific meanings.

Detoxification basically refers to a "removal process" in which the burden of what is unwanted is reduced.  One can detoxify the body of chemicals that have been inhaled or ingested, such as air pollutants or food preservatives.  One can also try to remove the residuals of substance abuse or legally administered pharmaceutical medicines, everything from artificial hormones to highly toxic fungi and metals used as antibacterial additives in vaccines and many medications. In addition, there are toxins from "sick building syndrome" that include formaldehyde in carpets and upholstery and mold from water damage. Some people are also suffering from contaminants in vaccines, chemtrails, and exposure to radiation and other hazards in our world. 

This subject is covered in more depth in the section called "Purification" but the matter to focus here is that detoxification is essentially a catabolic process that relies on the ability of the eliminatory organs to rid the body of both excess, such as stores of fat, sugar, and even hormones, as well as parasites, chemicals, toxic metals, and radiation. The organs that are most affected by detoxification are the liver, kidneys, and lungs, but the intestines and even brain can also be detoxified.  Usually, it is helpful if detoxification can occur prior to regeneration; but there are circumstances where the individual is too weak to detoxify and renewal of tissue and restoration of function have to be attempted before any serious detoxifying regime can be implemented.

Tonification is an anabolic process that relies on the ability to assimilate nutrients and utilize them where needed.  One can easily appreciate that regeneration of the blood takes much less time than regeneration of the brain or bones.  Think about it a moment.  If you have a few drinks, you feel the effect almost immediately. Blood chemistry can change in minutes but if you exercise vigorously, you do not necessarily see important results in the first day.  In fact, you may have muscle soreness for days before you notice any improvement in muscle tone and strength.  Likewise, there are not too many short cuts for healing a broken bone or restoring memory loss, but there are, in fact, deeply regenerating therapies that can make a significant difference.

Blood and Plasma

Blood is discussed in quite some depth on other pages on this site, but what I want to say here is that red blood cells assimilate the essence of what you eat and deliver both nutrients and oxygen to tissues of the body.  Therefore, all regenerative regimes rely on efficient transport of the raw materials necessary for repair, renewal, and revitalization of tissue.  While I might concede that some inorganic substances may have a catalytic effect on the functioning of various parts of the body, I would argue vociferously that regeneration requires organic substances and that no tissue repair occurs without an adequate supply of organic nutrients.  This is the simplest and strongest reason for eating organically as well as for reducing the pressure of toxins on our bodies.

Blood, as we all know, circulates, but we need to take a moment to appreciate how brilliantly this constant motion of bright red cells performs.  Each cell is a little courier.  The cells are discoids that are slightly permeable.  They absorb nutrients, lots of trace minerals, and oxygen, deliver them where needed and collect carbon dioxide and waste materials that they dispose of in the lungs.  It's no wonder so many people have breathing issues.  The lungs take a real beating because very few people inhale fresh air and even fewer take the time to cleanse the lungs.  Have you thought of what it means when you detect a chemical odor or putrid smell emitting from the lungs? Not only is the person suffering from a toxic surfeit, but the lungs are stressed by the burden of the toxicity.

Consequently, I believe that all rejuvenative protocols should include not only the nutrients needed by the blood but support for the lungs!

Pace of Regeneration

When provided with proper nutrition, red blood cells improve practically instantly provided they are not infected or compromised by electromagnetic interferences.  Those are big provisos so a word to the wise . . .

I know it is difficult for people who have not had the benefits of hours of gazing through a microscope to appreciate some of what I understand.  We have gazillions (2-3 x 10 to the 13th power) of red blood cells and in an emergency, such as venomous bite or hemorrhage, the body manages to mobilize replacements very quickly.  However, each cell is very tiny so the payload delivered is also tiny, meaning lots of cells have to work together in an efficient manner.  If only a small percentage of cells are happy campers, progress is going to be slow.

So, the reason one should neither smoke nor expose oneself to second-hand smoke is that smoking causes blood sludge.  The red blood cells look dark and muddy and they cannot do any meaningful work when they look this bad.  Frankly, I do not know any exceptions to this so natural tobaccos and substitutes are not necessarily safe.  You can be sure I would never smoke anything, not with what I know about the fragility of erythrocytes.

So, what does blood want? It wants a nice nutrient soup consisting of pure water, minerals, and good quality oils.  The oils enhance the membrane integrity which in turn helps the red blood cells to maintain their shape and resist infection. My experience is that ghee is the best oil.  I have compared it to other cooking oils, including the best quality Greek and Italian olive oils, and it is superior.  Sunflower oil and sesame oil are also superior to olive oil.

Red blood cells love minerals, not just iron but all minerals.  The quality of these micronutrients is extremely important.  If you are not sure about whether or not your diet and assimilation is good, look at your fingernails. If they have ridges and look corrugated, your nails are not getting what they need and if this is the case, imagine what state your bones are in?  Then, is it any wonder your hair and skin are not lustrous?  You cannot get good quality minerals from food grown with fertilizers and pesticides because the alkalizing minerals were used to neutralize the acids used in cultivation of the crops.  The soils are therefore depleted and so is the food grown in the soils.

Now it's easier to see why so many authorities on nutrition have advocated organic juices during recovery from illness.  Juices provide a rich source of perfectly balanced fluids along with many nutrients, both vitamins and minerals.

Fluids are important.  They affect the red blood cells and the plasma.  Everyone should study the work of Dr. Emoto to see how important our thoughts are so we need not only the nutrients but the right attitude towards what we are doing.


ShilajitThe body needs many minerals, not just iron, calcium, and magnesium but countless others like selenium and germanium.  In my opinion, the reason we get better results from volcanic ash, water from the deep ocean, or shilajit from the Himalayas is that manysources are either depleted or not balanced.  The body has the same ratio of minerals one to another that ocean water has so even if no one has established a minimum daily requirement for a specific mineral, odds are that we need that mineral and in exactly the same proportion to other minerals as we find in the most pristine areas of the ocean.

So, we can get these minerals from sea weed, if the sea weed is sourced from clean water, or from fossilized sea vegetables such as are found in salt lakes, or from sources in the ocean such as coral and pearls.  We can also, as I suggested, get the minerals from other pristine or ancient sources such as high mountains but most of these minerals will tend not to be quite a balanced though they are often remarkably free of contaminants.

In an ideal situation, the body would recycle minerals, meaning that when fluid is sent to the kidneys, the kidneys would reabsorb minerals before the rest of the fluid is released as urine.  What happens when the adrenals are overactive due to stress is that the kidneys quiver more because of adrenal hyperactivity and this causes more frequent loss of minerals so the body becomes deficient.  It can then leech minerals from the bones or find them in the food sources.  It would not surprise me if one day a scientist got a Nobel prize for proving that metastasis to the bones is somehow related to adrenal hyperactivity and mineral loss.  For me, this is obvious, but then I try to look at the whole rather than parts — at least when I see parts, I try to put them together in such a way as to see the interrelationships and the whole.

There is another potential problem related to the adrenals and that is to the extent that people are anxious and the adrenals are fluttering, other secretions might be reduced, including both hormones and gastric secretions.  In a way, all the resources of the body have been commandeered to deal with the emergency and everything else is understaffed, sort of like our borders!

There are basically two workarounds for this situation.  The first is to consume only or mainly foods that are easy to assimilate.  The reason is obvious:  more results for less effort on the part of the body.  Yes, washing vegetables and juicing them is tedious for people who have low energy or an attitude suggesting that this is somehow hard labor that is unjustified, but to them, I might suggest that as humans in an affluent world, we are quite spoiled by how easily we get food from the farm to the mouth.  Most species work harder to eat, but we work at jobs that allow us to buy food and we might be paying a price for this.

I feel sometimes that I rant and rave a bit too much, but two tall glasses of fresh juice per day can make an enormous difference in many lives.  By "tall" I mean eight ounces or roughly 250 milliliters.  The juice must be consumed within minutes of juicing, not allowed to oxidize.

The second workaround for poor assimilation is to take something to stimulate the flow of gastric juices.  Depending on how debilitated the individual is, this may or may not be successful.  For instance, with juice, one can add about one to two inches (3-5 centimeters) of fresh ginger root to juice or a handful of parsley, basil, peppermint, or fennel root.  A few drops of cayenne tincture could also make a good chaser.

Going up the scale a bit, Chyawanprash can be taken before food consumption.  In many cases, this is effective enough to prevent hair loss and improve outcome of conventional treatments.  When there is cachexia, our Phytolacca Syrup aids both digestion and circulation, especially when lymphatic congestion is affecting vitality.

A digestive bitter can also be helpful, keep taking a few drops until there is no more feeling of heaviness in the stomach.  For some people, one dose is enough.  Others will need to take half an eye dropper (about 15-30 drops) every 20-30 minutes for several hours.  What these tonics do is relieve some of the pressure on the gastrointestinal system by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices and bile.  They also promote better peristalsis.

In general, I do not believe that people need a lot of minerals.  What I do believe is that because of acidity, minerals may be used to correct serious pH imbalances instead of nutritional deficiencies.  Learning which foods aggravate pH imbalance as well as how to reduce parasitic and fungal infections will take some of the pressure off the bones and other tissues that require occasional remineralization.  Keep in mind that the wastes of most metabolic processes, including viral and bacterial infections, are acidic.

End Notes

It is not really possible to do justice to an enormous subject like this in one page on the web, but this is a checklist, not a medical library.  Any topic that sparks your interest can always be further researched.  What I would like to say is that while regeneration of the blood is basically quick, it is not possible to correct all blood conditions without addressing parasitic, fungal, and microbial infections.  The blood is not sterile but it may be up to you to figure out what to do about this because your oncologist may have studied some myths and never stepped out of the box far enough to see that this is the case.  Improvements are always possible, but sometimes, even after addressing the multitude of infections, there are chemical and metal toxins playing havoc in the blood.  The more you find out about what is really going on, the better chance you have of selecting the strategies most likely to help you.

Improvement tends to be dramatic in some areas and slow in others.  For instance, stamina may increase faster than bone weaknesses but stamina can backslide when there is a crisis, emotional or physical.  As a general rule, regeneration of the bones and nails does not become evident for two to three months following implementation of the right healing regime.  This is not to say that the strategy was not working in the earlier phases but rather that subtle imbalances are usually corrected before the obvious ones.  For instance, even before you see improvements in your hair and nails, you may have an improvement in libido. This is a sign that regeneration is occurring and that the processes of regeneration are defeating the processes of degeneration; in short, the reversal favors healing so there is reason for optimism.



Ingrid Naiman
June 2007




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