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This site is hosted by Ingrid Naiman.  A brief biography can be found on this as well as other sites she hosts.  To send an email, use the contact form on Sacred Medicine.  Because there is no paid help at Sacred Medicine, we do not offer the option of telephone contact. 


Sacred Medicine Sanctuary has re-created some historic herbal products, most of which are only available to practitioners.  In addition, Ingrid has formulated some specialty products for immune enhancement, toxic metal chelation, and parasite infections.  The products are available online from Sacred Medicine.


Most orders are shipped the day they are received or the day following receipt of the order.  Small parcels are normally sent by post and larger ones by FedEx; but most shipping requests can be honored.  We ship internationally, but the purchaser should investigate customs regulations before placing orders.  As a general rule, we have no trouble shipping to Canada, England, Holland, and Switzerland, but some EU countries are less friendly to herbal remedies.  For instance, we ship all orders to Germany to licensed pharmacists who are often required to show a prescription from a naturopath or doctor.  In other words, we can probably arrange delivery for you, but we will not incur the risk of shipping directly to customers in Germany.

We have not had any problem shipping to South Africa or any Asian countries, but each situation is unique so it is wise to check the regulations before placing an order.

Snail Mail

Those wishing to pay by check can send mail to:

P.O. Box 442
Poulsbo, WA 98370





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20 April 2006




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