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Cancer Checklist

One of the astonishing and often disappointing experiences of persons diagnosed with cancer is that their primary care providers do not discuss measures that might enhance the capacity of the recommended protocols to extend life.  The reason for this is that doctors were not trained in some of disciplines that patients eventually discover can make a world of difference in both the quality of life and success of the strategies used to prolong life.

The main discipline that is neglected is nutrition, but there are countless other factors bearing on survival that savvy patients are wise to investigate. Among these, I include stress management, environmental and geopathic stressors that are oft overlooked, emotional ease, and a passionate sense of purpose.

To make this clear, let me just enumerate a few matters and then you will understand the reason for this checklist and the information presented on this site.

Every mother knows that her baby requires food in order to grow.  Some parents believe that organic food is more wholesome and nutritious; but others believe in milk or scientific formulas.  At some point in life, many of us start eating because the clock says it's time to take a break or we eat to appease hunger pangs or please the palate. However, just for a moment consider the following:

  • Every cell in the body depends on oxygen and nutrients that are transported by red blood cells.
  • These very same erythrocytes collect carbon dioxide and waste and disgorge themselves in the lungs.
  • Tissues depend on wholesome and prompt delivery of the nutrients needed to build healthy replacement cells for those that die.
  • Deficiency conditions lead to weakness and the inability to regenerate.

Now it is clear why nutrition should be a required course for all health care providers, this whether they use the material professionally or simply for their own benefit.  Not understanding such basic concepts and their relationship to wellness is just unacceptable.  This said, most patients discover the importance of nutrition through their own efforts rather than because their doctors have recommended they look into the physiological needs of their bodies.

This is another neglected area of critical importance.  For instance, studies have shown that the incidence of leukemia and other childhood cancers is ten times higher on the side of the street with power lines than the other side of street.  Now, wouldn't you want to know this if your child has cancer?

There are tumors that consist of nothing but mold.  If you do not believe me, go to the University of Adelaide web site and do a search for fungal jungle.  The photographs will astound you.  Now that you know this, wouldn't you want to check out your home and work space and perhaps have some evaluation done to see if mold in contributing to your cancer?

Other tumors seem to be composed of nests of parasites.  In any event, parasites move around in virtually all parts of the body so if one is parasitized, it would be very smart to address this problem to see if there is any correlation to your health and these unwanted creatures.

Dentists are finally waking up to the dangers of amalgams, but there are some who are still oblivious to the hazards posed by toxic dental materials.  This said, every environmental dentist knows of at least a few cases in which total remission occurred after removal of one or more amalgams.  Wouldn't you also want to know how to chelate the toxins out of your body?

Studies done by Dr. Simonton suggest that women who are happily married live twice as long from date of diagnosis to date of death as unhappy wives.  Men who like their jobs also live longer from date of diagnosis to death than those who do not like their jobs.  Wouldn't you like to factor in this information when mapping your own road to recovery.

Additional Comments

I have been counseling people with cancer for more than 35 years.  I believe I have a great deal of insight into the disease and understanding of the patients who are faced with this challenging development in their lives.  In these years, I have had the great good fortune to have witnessed a few spontaneous remissions and a number of other "cures" attributed to all manner of treatments or life style changes.  I think the world in which we live is far too complicated to credit any one protocol or strategy with the power to cure everyone; but, I believe it is incumbent on every patient to find the modalities and approaches to healing that give the best results in his or her circumstances.  For this reason, I believe the information on this site will at least empower you to ask questions.  It may also prompt you to do a lot of research and soul searching.  You will never hear me say, "Do this" because I am not bossy or authoritarian and I believe in the counsel of the Buddha not to accept anything because He said so or because it is confirmed in scriptures, but only if it appeals to your inner understanding. That may be too loose a reference.  The Buddha always inculcated the unfoldment of Wisdom, but in this day and age, there is more dogma than reliable information.  So, once more, I urge you to gather any pearls you can and string them into wonderful necklaces, but think for yourself and follow your own inner voice because your Path to Health is a very personal journey with maps only for you and resting spots for those days when you need to pause and reflect.

With many blessings,



Ingrid Naiman
9 April 2006




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