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Radiation Poisoning

This page is actually still under construction but a few words of introduction might help those who are seeking.  Radiation burns because it vibrates faster than anything else in the body.  Phosphorus is the highest frequency naturally occurring substance in the body.  While burning causes dry and brittle tissues, discomfort, and pain, the greatest medical risk of radiation is that it can result in secondary cancers unrelated to the primary malignancy.

There are many sources of radiation:  natural and manmade.  We are exposed to radiation from the sun, radon, x-rays, and numerous other unavoidable as well as escapable sources.  For instance, flying in the ozone (37,000 ft.) is equivalent to three-to-five chest x-rays so we need to think about this when crossing continents and oceans!  Preliminary German studies suggest that breast cancer rates among flight attendants might be double the national average, and the incidence of skin cancer may be 15 times higher.

Radiation has a number of different effects on the body.  First of all, it leeches trace minerals. To prevent deficiency conditions from arising, it is important to replace lost minerals.  Otherwise, it seems that the body scavenges for what it needs by cannibalizing bones, teeth, and fingernails.  To know whether or not you are possibly trace mineral deficient, it is not necessary to have a bone density test; you can look at your fingernails.  If they are ridged and pitted, odds greatly favor that your bones are not in any better condition.

There are many trace mineral supplements available.  I recommend the most natural sources:  fossilized sea vegetables from the Great Salt Lakes, salt from deep in the ocean, runoff from the Himalayas (shilajit), powdered coral and pearls, or sea vegetables from pristine waters.  I prefer all of these to manmade concoctions of single supplements such as calcium or magnesium.  We need the whole spectrum of common as well as trace minerals. Expect remineralization to take a long time.  I have seen improvements in red blood cells after only 24 hours, but the rule in Ayurveda is that blood and lymphatic fluids do improve this quickly but it takes 72 days before you can really observe the change in dense tissues and longer before the regeneration is complete.  Moreover, this improvement will only occur if the colon is working properly and not impacted.

Radiation is also toxic.  To pull the poison out of the body, try bathing in half a cup of sea salt and half a cup of baking soda.  Soak for at least 20-30 minutes, every day for three weeks or every other day for six weeks. . . or go on a vacation to the West Indies or South Pacific and swim in the ocean every day for three weeks!  This draws some of the radiation out of the body.  Supplement with trace minerals even if swimming or bathing in salt water.

To alleviate dryness, deeply moisturizing good quality oils are important. For example, people who have been irradiated in the uterus or colon area can douche or use warm enemas of cold pressed organic sesame oil.  Try to retain the oil 10-20 minutes.  For other parts of the body, the oil can be gently massaged into the skin.  Where the skin is badly burned, I have an ointment with essential oaks and tree barks.

Preventing development of secondary cancers is a little trickier but some intelligent measures are at least worth a try.  Hildegard of Bingen recommended wines and teas of yarrow.  Doctors in Germany who have investigated the remedies of Hildegard have been using yarrow in many forms, including homeopathic dosages, to prevent secondary developments of cancer.  In fact, they are using it in conjunction with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

In theory, all the herbs that inhibit cellular division would have some role in managing the risks associated with radiation.  Burdock would certainly be high on this list, but turmeric is also an important herb to consider.

Because secondary effects of radiation often take many years to manifest clinically, it is really impossible to state with any certainty what "prevents" these developments from occurring.  The safest strategy would seem to be to take precautions by using formulas with known anti-cancer actions and then pray for a happy outcome.

Herb resource books also recommend using adaptogens such as suma and garlic and Siberian ginseng.  Then, because many of the side effects of radiation exposure are subtly disorienting, grounding herbs and foods are useful:  roots and root vegetables such as astragalus and sweet potatoes.  When suffering from radiation toxicity, it is often difficult to recognize what the problem really is.  Doctors may dismiss complaints as hypochondriacal because there are no discernible pathologies until long after the early warning signs first became noticeable.  Patients therefore usually have to manage their symptoms themselves.  These symptoms include vague loss of energy and fatigue, challenges to coordination and focus, and sometimes even short-term memory disturbances.  Very few health care professionals interpret these complaints as signs of serious illness but if they are not addressed, the odds favor the development of clinically significant conditions down the road.

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