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Spiritual Aspects of Healing from Cancer

Mystics insist that spontaneous remissions occur as a result of intense faith or divine intervention, grace offered by a loving God or saintly intermediator. Scientists try to discredit as many of these cures as possible. They can do this if they determine that chemotherapy was administered years earlier and finally kicked in to cure the patient or if the diagnosis could be disputed on the basis of insufficient evidence.

The patient gets a quick tour of heaven and then is shown what life would be like if he returns to earth. Most people do not want to leave because heaven is obviously so much nicer than earth; but the patient is shown unfinished work, often revolving around relationships with others that need to be more loving. Some are shown destinies as persons who can help relieve the world of its fear of death or who can explain heaven to those who lack faith.

There may be as many approaches to the illusive part of our own psyche as there are paths or people on the Planet, but I think all of the efforts fall into two broad categories.  These might be called receptive and active. 

If there is a healing, it is because the patterns have shifted.  If no healing has occurred, it is because the measures used to address the disease failed to touch the causes.  The question of whether or not anything actually extends life is unanswerable. 


Ingrid Naiman
15 Augustl 2006







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