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I believe that patients have considerably more influence over the outcome of their ordeal with cancer than most doctors would acknowledge. My opinion is based on thirty-five years of counseling in which it has become clear that subjective issues—such as contentment, comfort, fulfillment, happiness, creativity, support, and love—play at least as large a role in health and that difficult concept of "cure" as treatment. I also feel strongly that patients need to have confidence in their treatment and perhaps also in the persons providing the treatment. More importantly, they need to feel empowered to make a difference. It is not enough to submit to surgery and perhaps also chemotherapy and radiation. Patients need ways in which to participate in their treatment, not just in the decisions but in the actions that are intended to produce health.

Modern research corroborates some of my theories. DNA scientists have identified an oncogene, the supposed cause of the predisposition to cancer. They have also found a tumor suppressor gene and listed dozens of factors that inhibit the capacity of the tumor suppressor gene to keep the oncogene in check. These factors can be as physical as sick building syndrome, as psychological as mood, and as metaphysical as responsiveness to inspiration or enthusiasm.

Identifying the causes of stress and disharmony, forging more viable strategies for shifting dysfunctional patterns into fulfilling ones, and correcting for symptoms of imbalance through diet, herbs, life style adjustments, creative imagination, and self-empowerment is probably critical for each patient. Moreover, the diagnosis of cancer needs to be interpreted as "time to put oneself first" so that prioritizing health results in the elimination of the deeper causes of illness.

No one wants to feel responsible for participating in the cause of disease, and I want to assure everyone that I am not interested in blame. I am a healer. I am totally devoted to supplanting disease by promoting health . . . through positive, insightful, uplifting, and logical measures that patients can accept or reject on the basis of the relevance and appeal to each individual.


Ingrid Naiman
31 March 2006






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