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Western medicine does not really have a concept of tonification; however, tonification is at the heart of nearly all Eastern systems of medicine: Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, and Tibetan medicine.  Whereas detoxification removes unwanted substances from the body, both toxic and excess, tonification involves augmentation, supplementation, and fortification. All tonification measures are closely related to parallel concepts of regeneration, rejuvenation, and longevity.

See also the material on kitchendoctor.com where I introduce a concept of a Mid-Life Tune Up in which persons go through each system of the body periodically to remove congestion and toxicity and then follow this with efforts to regenerate and rejuvenate. 


Since there really is no "immune system" in the body that is comparable to a skeletal system or digestive system, we should probably look at immunity more dynamically and regard what we call immunity as a series of functions that protect the body from damage due to alien organisms, free radicals, toxins, and abnormal developments within the body such as overproduction of substances or tissues.  Immunity can be regarded as a sort of dual operation in which protection is the first line of defense and attack of the invaders and other undesirable cells comes when the defenses fail.

The liver is perhaps the hardest working organ of the body. It has hundreds of tasks to perform, including detoxification of the blood and removal of excess hormones. It is also a reservoir for sugar and fat and is usually congested with surfeit, so much so that average people, so-called healthy people, often use more than 60% of their livers just for storage.  A sluggish liver means fatigue and toxemia and a high risk of various chronic diseases. The signs of a clogged liver might include indecisiveness, difficulty seeing the future and planning ahead, more focus on the past than the present or future, and apathy.

Regeneration of the blood can occur relatively quickly compared to wasting conditions such as cachexia or atrophy of muscles or demineralization of bones.  However, providing the right organic nutrients is the first step in the process of regenerating tissues that are deficient or worn out.

In the East, rejuvenative of longevity therapies have an ancient tradition. There are tonics for increasing stamina and for regenerating tissues that are worn out. There are also simple supplementation possibilities for those who are deficient in one or more nutrients.

It is generally understood that cancer cells do not have normal cellular respiration. In simple terms, this means that they derive their energy through fermentation, break down of tissue, rather than oxygen. In the absence of oxygen, cells weaken or die, or they may mutate into something more primitive that can survive without normal oxygen.


Ingrid Naiman
23 June 2007




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