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Detoxification is the term used by professional herbalists for removal of any unwanted substance from the body, including toxic metals, parasites, mold, and even radiation poisoning.  It can also be used in reference to metabolic residuals, mucus congestion, impaction, and virtually anything else found in excess. Tonification is the term used for regeneration, strategies that are better understood in Eastern systems of medicine.

There are probably more varieties of cytotoxic herbs than there are chemotherapeutic drugs. Hartwell researched all references to cancer herbs spanning 5000 years and 2,500,000 herbs. Of these, he determined that at least 3000 herbs possess some anticancer properties. This is the same figure used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Astragalus membranaceus is an herb with a 5000-year history in China.  It has no known adverse side effects and is one of the herbs that can be safely used in conjunction with conventional therapies.  It is immune-enhancing and increases phagocytosis and aids the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow. It stimulates the body's natural production of interferon as well as pituitary and adrenal activity.

"In the United States, astragalus has been investigated as a possible treatment for patients whose immune systems have been compromised by chemotherapy or radiation. Astragalus supplements have been shown to speed recovery and extend life expectancy in these patients."

University of Maryland Medical Center




Ingrid Naiman
9 April 2006




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