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This site has many subdirectories, each devoted to a specific area of life. Most patients feel the urgency of their physical situations and want to be sure that the measures they are taking to beat cancer are effective and likely to succeed.  In the beginning, emphasis is usually put on the medical modalities, but as the magnitude of the challenge is better understood, many realize that additional effort may be useful.  On the physical level, the scope of action often embraces food and nutrition, dietary supplements and herbs, geopathic stress and pollutants in the home and work space, exercise and perhaps martial arts practices that aid concentration, and/or specific physiotherapy such as manual lymphatic drainage or osteopathy.  Because of the wide range of options here, I have created separate directories for the main areas of interest.

There is probably very little consensus as to what would constitute an appropriate cancer diet, but most people may agree that fresh food is better than food that has been packaged and stored a long time.  Usually, experts favor organic food over commercially grown and genetically modified food.  In this section, you will find some essays on the energetics of food, links to Kitchen Doctor and Dosha Balance, and recipes.

Most patients need to know that they are fighting cancer adequately.  In some instances, this means conventional therapy, but sometimes reliance is placed on herbs and supplements.  Understanding the various formulas and what is antitumoral versus immune enhancing or detoxifying is helpful.  Because my expertise does not really encompass supplements, this section is really about herbs. Please note that there is some overlap between this section and the ones entitled purification and regeneration.

In this section, I will discuss everything from soaps and shampoos to electromagnetic pollution and mold.  More and more studies are identifying very specific carcinogens that are commonplace:  underwire bras, dry cleaning agents, mercury preservatives in medications, propyl alcohol in cosmetics, and estrogenic compounds in plastics, including many composite fillings and bonding agents used in dentistry.

While we may feel powerless in the face of global environmental crises and pollution, it is nevertheless important to understand what the risks are and how some of the exposure can be managed and the hazards minimized.


Please note that emotional and spiritual issues are also addressed on this web site, but in separate sections which their own directories.






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