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Toxicity is attended by a multitude of symptoms. On an emotional level, people feel apathetic when the fire needed for purification is suppressed or lacking. When it can no longer be kept bottled up, irritability and anger erupt, usually very much against the will of patients. This is particularly the case when people have had chemotherapy. Cancer patients are generally more Venusian and less Martial so while apathy may be a more or less acceptable emotion, snarliness isn't, at least not to most patients.

Toxicity has a lot to do with fire-water balance. Water is the energy of protection and it neutralizes fire. For instance, when exposed to something highly toxic, we often osmose water to dilute the venom or acid or chemical. We could also say that toxicity is, in fact, acidic so it is antidoted by alkalinity. There is obvious physical chemistry to this thesis, but the psychological parallels are not far behind: water is conservative and fire is progressive. Water likes to preserve the past and fire wants to create the future. We need to find some middle way in order for our physiological and psychological proclivities to express without creating symptoms of preference for extremes.

Naturally, if one wants to feel safe, the sense, however unconscious it often is, that one is becoming increasingly toxic is unwelcome. No one wants to feel imperiled by toxins, but the normal modes we use for buffering ourselves do not always work when the exposure to toxic substances is great. Retaining water only works to a point. Sooner or later, one simply has to detoxify, and the best way is to use bitter herbs because bitter herbs get their taste and their pharmacological properties from their alkaloids, the pH balancing chemicals that neutralize acids.

Causes of Toxicity

Toxicity can be caused by chemical irritants, those that are ingested, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin. Die off also adds to the toxic load of the body. Many people with cancer also have candida and some have parasitic infections as well. As one treats the cancer plus the peripheral issues, the die off can be quite extreme, enough to congest the lymph, clog the kidneys, and acidify the body. If this isn't cleared out at a suitable pace, the dead organic material can putrefy and give rise to infections. Staying on top of all these processes is very important. Likewise, it must be obvious that neglecting the liver or kidneys because one is busy fighting cancer may not be wise. It would be wise to support optimal functioning of the organs needed to deal with the side effects of successful treatment.

Our best and broadest detoxifying formula happens also to contain nine herbs that are known to have anticancer properties. It is very similar to the Hoxsey formula but is my own formula though not creative, merely derivative. It's called Sundance Elixir and you can find out more going to the herbal section of this site.

In severe cases, when the eliminatory organs are not efficient enough to rid the body of waste and debris, the skin becomes a major secondary eliminatory organ and toxins can cause itchiness in addition to irritation and inflammation.  Because the world we live in is very toxic, it behooves each of us to perform periodic detoxification using herbs, alkalizing fasts, and overall dietary simplication, using as much organic food as possible and avoiding the acidifying foods that constitute the bulk of most people's diets.


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Kitchen Doctor: Taste and the Elements

Kitchen Doctor is my best selling album. It is available as a set of four 90-minute audio cassettes. It was recorded at a seminar in which I covered the six tastes in relationship to the effect food pharmacology has on physiological functioning. The six tastes are: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent.





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23 March 2007




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