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While not pretending to be complete, the checklist is provided so that if there is any suspicion at all that one is not doing one's utmost to overcome cancer, the points on this list can be examined to see if there are opportunities to improve one's odds.

The checklist is divided into sections that are address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. Each part has an index with a brief description of the pages contained in the section.

The most important question a patient can ask is whether or not he or she is taking anything that is directly anti-tumoral in its effects. Cancers differ, but there is plenty of literature in both the allopathic and holistic worlds to suggest that some foods and herbs have significant anti-cancer actions. They work differently, some inhibit cellular mutation, some effect replication, some deprive the tumor of nutrients needed to survive, and some may have cytotoxic properties.

Next, patients often have questions about the side effects of treatments: the risk of dissemination of the tumor due to biopsies and surgery; the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and the damage to the liver, kidneys, and heart; the dryness, discomfort, and loss of elasticity associated with irradiation. While no one can guarantee complete relief, there are many ways to support a higher quality of life.

Then, you may also want to know how to promote healthier blood cells, improve digestion and elimination, boost immunity, and address parasite infection. Swelling, itching, burning, pain, loss of appetite, weight loss, scarring, and bleeding are also covered.

The psychological symbolism of illness is one of my areas of expertise. Stress is another important subject for consideration. I have written books and lectured on the patterns that result in disease. Stress is cumulative and very specific to individuals since each person has more or less capacity to handle the various challenges that most of us face from time to time in life. In this section, denial, procrastination, kowtowing, and deferential behavior are considered as are spontaneity, emotional honesty, and even the karmic patterns underlying illness.

I am not a fatalist, but I see forces at work that prompt certain behaviors and reactions to opportunity.

I define fate as the place where psychological and spiritual forces intersect. This concept is very difficult for people who have never thought of it before. However, I see everyone as having a reservoir of emotional experiences that describes our feelings about everything and everyone, from such simple things as how we react to inflections in the voice, colors, tastes, and places to such complex issues as risk, caution, security, survival, and pain. We also each have gifts from God that are ours to develop and express. To the extent that they are not being given opportunity to unfold in the life styles we have created, we have what might be called soul fatigue, a devastating devitalization because the soul is despairing of completing its mission.


The goal of this section is to present material that evokes a deeper awareness of the soul's motivation for incarnating. The methods used to present these ideas will vary tremendously so as to promote more recognition by a wide variety of visitors to the site.

The checklist is about these points and much more. Visitor questions often stimulate me to write new pages so the contents of this section tend to go through fits and spurts of expansion and lulls.

What patients most often remark when reviewing the checklist is that they had no idea that there is a psychological as well as spiritual component to cancer that they had not considered. What is so gratifying to me is that so many have found the inner exploration more rewarding than the outer quest for cure.



Ingrid Naiman
9 April 2006




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