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The checklist has been prepared for individuals who are looking outside the box for:
  • Ways to enhance the quality of life and protect organs from damage while undergoing conventional cancer treatment
  • Alternatives to conventional treatment
  • Strategies that might reduce predisposition to cancer
  • Post-treatment measures to aid recovery from cancer and reduce the risks of recurrence
  • Insights into psychospiritual patterns that can be transformed into healthy and creative forces for personal fulfillment



Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to TreatmentThis site is hosted by Ingrid Naiman, author of Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment. Ingrid is a minister, herbalist, and metaphysician. She has studied Ayurveda since her days in the State Department in India (1968-70) as well as Tibetan medicine and traditional Hawaiian healing.

The purpose of this site is to examine potentially unrecognized factors that may contribute to the development of cancer or interfere with the outcome of treatment. By drawing attention to these aggravating issues, it is assumed that patients will feel more empowered and confident about overcoming illness. No effort has been made to be scientific; the hostess is a philosopher, not scientist . . . and the writing is user-friendly not cumbersome.

The information on the site is not intended to replace the services of doctors and other health care practitioners. The aim is to look where others might not look and in so doing to discover something that might be important to the healing process.

This said, it is recognized that almost no one will feel comfortable exploring psychosomatic factors in illness if the physical symptoms of the disease are not addressed. Because of this, there is a section of this site devoted to optimization of physical health. This addresses the condition of the blood, effectiveness of the immune system, the possibilities of parasitic compromises to health, mold infection, heavy metal toxicity, as well as a host of strategies for maintaining constitutional balance: pH, metabolism, detoxification and tonification, and regeneration.

The section on emotional factors that are recognized as part of the "cancer personality" addresses such subtle issues as the obstacles to cure based on the Hawaiian concept of ho'oponopono or problem solving, the tendency of patients to put perceived responsibilities ahead of personal needs and fulfillment, and the very tricky notion of karma, not as a punitive law but rather as a law of the psychological realm.

Finally, the section on spirituality and cancer looks at the issues of spiritual inspiration, bliss, and enthusiasm as aspects of the divine force acting through everyone but sometimes deflected by priorities that obscure the fact that there is nothing more important than finding one's purpose in life and expressing it to the fullest.

The site was first launched in 2001 with about 40 pages, all quite long. It was redesigned and expanded in the spring of 2006.

God bless!

Ingrid Naiman
1 April 2006


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9 April 2006




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